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Swagelok Vancouver | Prince George

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Centers

Are you looking to take your concept to market? Need assistance with application parameters and system design? Or perhaps need to outsource services to a trusted third party? 

Step Three: Create the CAD

At Swagelok Vancouver | Prince George our Custom Solutions team can support your project with full Solidworks and AutoCAD capabilities.  All we require is a basic drawing, your system requirement such as working pressure, temperature and system media, and your application testing requirements.

We'll then work to optimize the design and configuration of the necessary components until you're satisfied with the finished drawings.  Once signed off on, we can then build, test and package your system so that it is ready to install when you receive it.  The best part?  Once all original work is done your system is completely allocated under one part number and is both scalable and repeatable.

Click here to start a conversation with our Custom Solutions team and let us know how we can help. 

Look here to access existing AutoCAD drawings for Swagelok products.