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Case Study: Working Alongside GAS to Bring Their Idea to Life

Case Study: Working Alongside GAS to Bring Their Idea to Life


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Today’s business climate is more intense than ever before. Budgets are tight, markets are saturated, and new competition pops up daily. Not to mention the aging workforce and the loss of their tribal knowledge. To stay a step ahead of the competition, you need experience, expertise, and a partner to elevate your efforts to the next level.

Connections That Matter

Green Alternative Systems is the largest Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) and installer for CNG and Swagelok Custom Solutionspropane-fueled fleet conversion systems in North America. They also have close working relationships with Freightliner and UPS. GAS uses Swagelok products and fabrication services to create fuel lines for these conversions. In 2012, Green Alternative Systems was growing rapidly and looking to expand. They contacted their local Swagelok distributorship, Swagelok Indiana | Cincinnati, to help them set up an inventory for a new location. Things started our simply enough – a few fittings and a handful of ball valves would get the job done.

As the weeks went on, the GAS and Swagelok relationship evolved. Check valves, tubing, and other components were added to the mix. Hoses were adopted and became a part of the project. In order to make sure GAS had what they needed, when the needed it, Swagelok began to manage their supply chain and automated their ordering processes, drastically reducing their transactional costs.

Scaling Production; Delivering Value

Swagelok InforgraphicThe relationship evolved even further when Swagelok introduced Custom Solutions. GAS was spending a tremendous amount of time bending tubing for fuel lines and building defueling boxes for their shuttle buses and trucks. Swagelok offered to run a few tests to see if they could help enhance their existing operations by pre-bending and assembling the units prior to shipment. After several prototyping sessions and mock up-fits, Swagelok was able to provide a workable solution that significantly impacted GAS and their production process. By leveraging Swagelok Custom Solutions, GAS was able to bend their CNG fuel lines in a fraction of the time, while adding a layer of precise repeatability.

Couple this with Swagelok’s certified technicians pre-assembling their defueling boxes and pressure relief devices, GAS was able to trim their process from taking two men 16 hours to upfit a bus with a conversion system, down to four hours (a 75% reduction in production time). Furthermore, this reduction in production time translated into a $224,000 annual labour savings, a number that grows each year as the business scales to include additional chassis models and larger contracts. Download the infographic to fully understand how Swagelok helped Green Alternative Systems enhance their profitability and ROI.

At Swagelok Vancouver | Prince George our team of dedicated assembly and fabrication associates deliver increasing value to customers every day. Whether your idea is big or small, we want to hear about it.

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The Value of our Values

Since 1947, Swagelok has been a values driven company, placing emphasis in the areas of Innovation, Respect, Continuous Improvement, Quality, Integrity and Customer Focus. As your local, trusted sales and service centers, Swagelok Vancouver | Prince George continue to embrace these values in everything we do, so that we're able to consistently deliver on our vision - Extraordinary Experience, Uncompromising Quality - every single day. We're here to ease the pressure of building reliable fluid systems with connections that drive you toward the future. To learn more about our commitment to your total solution, Ask Our Team.

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