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Product Installation

Components of a Swagelok Tube Fitting

In this video, we discuss the components of a Swagelok tube fitting, including the human component, you, the installer, and how important you are to the proper installation of a Swagelok tube fitting.

Tube Fitting Installation

In this edition of Swagelok tech clips, we'll explore the three steps involved in installing a Swagelok tube fitting and common installation errors.

Port Connector Assembly

A port connector consists of a machined ferrule connection on one end and a tube adapter connection on the opposite end. It is designed to allow fitting-to-fitting connections. The video shows how to assemble port connectors that are under one inch.

Plug Assembly

Swagelok plugs are used to block a fitting port when needed. Watch the video to see this simple installation process.

Cap Assembly

Swagelok caps are used to block off the end of a tube run, and are installed using the same procedure as a tube fitting. Watch the video for a demonstration.