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We know pressure regulators are one of the more complex components to select in your fluid systems. That’s why we’ve compiled a host of resources to assist your understanding of the many system variables required, and then help translate these variables to select the correct regulator for your application needs.

Swagelok Pressure Regulators

Pressure Regulator Selection Strategy Whitepaper

The best way to select a pressure regulator for your application is to examine its flow curve, which is often provided by the manufacturer. The whitepaper covers the basics – understanding terminology and interpreting regulator flow curves – but also covers additional related topics such as droop, choked flow, and hysteresis.

Download the Whitepaper

Flow Curve Generator

Use the tool to understand regulator performance in multiple application environments, or compare the performance of up to four regulators in the same application.

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Technical Blog Posts

Pressure Regulators: The Basics

Swagelok Pressure Regulators

Selecting a pressure regulator can be a complex process that first requires a general understanding of how a pressure regulator works. Both pressure-reducing and back-pressure regulators rely on three common design components to function correctly: the loading mechanism, sensing mechanism, and controlling mechanism. We discuss each in more detail.

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Keep Ahead of the Curve

Selecting the correct pressure regulator for your application is not an easy task. Nor is it easy to troubleshoot regulator problems in the field. Keep ahead of the flow curve with our 14 tips to help troubleshoot your pressure regulator applications.

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Outside the Box: Swagelok Specialty Regulators

Pressure-reducing and back-pressure regulators are used in thousands of common applications; however, some applications require additional complexity and functionality – Swagelok Specialty Regulators have you covered.

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Safely & Correctly Select and Size Your Next Regulator

The process of selecting the correct regulator requires definition of the application according to pressure requirements, flow rate, gas/liquid composition and temperature.

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Technical Videos

Our three pressure regulator tech tip videos cover Supply Pressure Effect – what it is, and how to manage it, as well as Droop, an issue for all regulators, and the considerations in design for minimizing Droop in a pressure-reducing regulator.

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Webinar Replays

Over the years Swagelok has conducted a variety of product and application webinars for end-customers. We’ve curated two webinars with relevancy to pressure regulators:

  • Theory and Operation of Pressure-Reducing Regulators
  • Swagelok Back-Pressure Regulators Made Simple

Watch the Webinars

Do you still have questions, or are unsure on how to proceed with correct product selection? At Swagelok Vancouver | Prince George we’re here to help. Let us understand your application challenges – fill out our Service Request Form, tick the box for Technical Product Support, and use the comments box to tell us about your application. One of our technical experts will be in touch with you promptly.

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