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Calibration and Switching Modules

Calibration and Switching Modules (CSM)

Calibration and Switching Module (CSM)

Swagelok’s Calibration and Switching Module provides a discrete switch between multiple process samples and conditions and selects process streams for analysis. The CSM pre-conditions the sample by ensuring samples are inserted into the analyzer at the appropriate pressure, temperature, flow, and filtration levels.  Integrated flow loop design ensures consistent delivery times to the analyzer across all streams and eliminates any deadlegs or chance for cross-stream contamination.

Built on the Swagelok Modular Platform Component (MPC) platform, the CSM utilizes the Swagelok stream selector valve (SSV), allowing the user to select the configuration required for the specific system. The CSM accepts up to ten process and two calibration fluids, either all liquid or all gas. A manual calibration option allows the operator to calibrate the analyzer at any time.

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