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Whitepapers: Hose Safety and Maintenance

The right hose keeps your process performing safely and cost effectively. The wrong hose could undermine your process, put personnel at risk, and compromise your bottom line - sometimes without you being aware of it. But beyond product selection is the ongoing safety and maintenance aspect of your hose operations - that is, properly installing, routing and storing hoses, as well as knowing the right time to replace hose in your application.

3 Steps to Hose Safety and Lower Costs

Swagelok Hose SafetyHoses do not get the attention they deserve. Most facilities have specifications and policies concerning tubing, fittings, and valves on pressure-containing systems, but not usually for hose. This is alarming because hoses do wear and fail - for a number of different reasons. For example, they can be improperly routed, or the hose type may not correctly match the application.

Read how you can avoid dangerous situations and downtime, plus improve plant efficiency, by following these three steps when selecting and installing hose.

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Creating a Hose Maintenance Plan That Could Save Your Plant Thousands

Swagelok Hose MaintenanceKnowing the right time to replace hoses in a plant is a concern among many of Swagelok's customers and with good reason. Waiting too long to replace a hose that needs attention can greatly increase your risk of a failure, possible leading to a safety issue and unplanned downtime. Replacing a hose too early - while not a safety risk - can be costly in terms of time and money.

Read how a preventative hose maintenance plan can add value to your standard operating procedures.

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