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Gaseous Fuel Vehicles

Swagelok Transportation Industry

Traditional alternative fuel definitions have historically included ethanols, diesels and biodeisels, hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as various gaseous fuels. In the Transportation market segment, Swagelok actively supports fluid handling systems in applications such as: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Hydrogen (H2 - fuel cell), and Liquefied Propane Gas (LPG). Opportunities typically surround two main applications for each fuel type: fuel systems on vehicles, and the supporting filling station infrastructure, with vehicles further segmented by light duty (LD) and heavy duty (HD), and the filling stations by stationary and mobile application type.

The emergence and growth of these additional alternative fuel applications is driven by cost savings (fuel cost) and the need for reduction of greenhouse gases at both the consumer and commercial (fleet program management) levels.

Swagelok supports Transportation and Alternative Fuel applications for critical fluid handling systems that have:

  • Extreme system pressures
  • Extreme system or environmental temperatures
  • Fluid or material exposure to caustic or corrosive substances
  • Points of use high in vibration
  • High cycle life and long life expectancy

Gaseous Fuel Vehicles - Featured Products and Services

Swagelok Transportation Industry

CNC Tube Bending

With our enhanced CNC Tube Bending capability we can provide both simple and complex multi-axis bending, scalable and repeatable, to your operation.

Swagelok Transportation Industry

NG Hose

Our NG Hose products are certified for NGV3.1-2014 Class B (on-vehicle) and NGV4.2-2014 Class A & D (dispensing).

Swagelok Transportation Industry

Case Study

See how we helped Green Alternative Systems reduce production time by 75%, resulting in an annual labour savings of approximately $224,000.