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Swagelok Vancouver | Prince George

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Swagelok Transportation Industry

Swagelok supports the Aerospace market in both commercial and military aircraft applications, as well as the ground systems and test equipment that support flight operations. Similar to other markets in the Transportation industry, customer challenges encompass:

  • Retirement of skilled trade labour, with a lack of incoming skilled labour
  • Increased demand with tighter timelines
  • Need to reduce weight and physical space required for systems

Aerospace - Featured Products and Services

Swagelok Transportation Industry

CNC Tube Bending

With our enhanced CNC Tube Bending capability we can provide both simple and complex multi-axis bending, scalable and repeatable, to your operation.

Swagelok Transportation Industry

Blog - Lightfoot Defence

Developed in concert with Swagelok, Lightfoot Defense developed a solution that helps keep the U.K. MOD Eurofighter jet fleet operational and protected while in service.

Swagelok Transportation Industry

Essentials Training

Leak-tight fluid systems don't happen by accident - it takes quality components and installation know-how. Mitigate risk and lower installation costs with Swagelok Essentials Training.