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Compressed Gas Leak Detection

Swagelok Evaluation & Advisory Services

Download a copy of our Energy Emission Case Study and Infographic

The True Value of Compressed Air

Swagelok Evaluation and AdvisoryValves that fail to fully close, improperly installed fittings, pipe fittings that have been disassembled and reassembled – these are just a few of the likely places you’ll find a leak in a compressed air system. And while it may not look like much, escaping air can add up – so what is the true value of compressed air?

1. Energy consumption accounts for around 70 percent of the total lifetime cost of a compressed air installation. When considering compressed air costs, it’s a general misconception to think of just the capital cost of purchasing the compressor.

2. Each kW of compressed air is between seven and eight times more expensive than a kW of electricity. When leaks and inefficient flow monitoring are included in this equation, the cost of wasted energy can be staggering.

3. Typically, 20 percent of total compressed air consumption can be attributed to leakage in systems 5 years and older. This is a concerning statistic with the risk only increasing as systems age. Regular system audits can help reduce the cost of wasted energy due to leakage.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Swagelok Evaluation and AdvisorySwagelok Evaluation & Advisory Services. The process of performing a system audit begins in the hands of our dedicated Energy Emission Specialist. The capabilities of our Compressed Gas Leak Detection audit encompass design, problem solving, training, and project management, applicable to both the root cause analysis of system components and the assessment of the complete system. We compile our findings in a detailed report – the results offer sound insight on issues of reliability, productivity, profitability, energy conservation, and emission control.

Leak Detection + Leak Prevention = More Profit

Compressed air is invaluable to many industrial processes, but without proper care and attention, it can be costly. We have two resources – a case study and infographic/factsheet – that demonstrates the real, tangible value we’ve been able to demonstrate to our customers through Swagelok Evaluation & Advisory Services. Contact us to schedule your consultation and start saving today.

Download the Case Study              Download the Infographic

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